Wildlife Communication: I don’t know what they are talking about, but they sure have a lot to say.

We are in a wonderful time of year. While we experience the turmoil, distancing and self-isolation, due to Covid-19, we are also feeling truly blessed to have natural, outdoor space here at Green Events and Programs. There are three of us contained on a 100 acre spread of land near Udney, Ontario. We are conserving and preserving the land for wildlife and the future home of Bob Bowles School of Forestry and Relaxation. Bob is an award winning writer, photographer and naturalist. He is also founder and coordinator of the Ontario Master Naturalist Certificate Program at Lakehead University. https://www.lakeheadu.ca/about/orillia-campus/community-programs/omnp

This land is located on the traditional territory of the Rama Anishinaabe or Ojjbwe First Nations People. Back in the day, the small town of Udney was established with its own rail hub, blacksmith, post office and fine dining of sorts. Today, the post office consists of mailboxes at the end of the road, the fine dining is available at Peggy’s Fish and Chips truck stand and the train blows its whistle several times a day as it passes us by. And like most small burgs and hollows, Udney was swallowed up as progress took its toll.

Back to the blessings;

My wife and I and our faithful companion, Charlie, are gifted with the sounds of peepers, frogs, cranes, swans and geese that make our pond their home. Some of these creatures remain and settle in while others just stay for a short time and they’re off again on their migratory journeys. We are able to observe swans preening and resting, great egrets hunting for food and turtles making weird and wonderful sounds to and with each other. The peepers are in constant communication singing their song and the ducks and geese have lots to say as well. You can watch these 2 shorts videos and get a glimpse of the wildlife.



As we sit next to the pond we reflect; Reflect on how we, the collective, got here and why. So many questions. Everyone of them crucial to our well-being and our future. Making life and/or death decisions. Stay or to go? Is this the new norm? What is normal? We've lost track of what is important. Maybe not important to oneself but important to the community as a whole.

By the way, whatever happened to ‘this land is your land, this land is our land’. Our land is your land. We are just the caretakers. We invite you to come out and see for yourself (and listen). By appointment only at this time during the pandemic.

Call or email. It is our hope that you find peace during this time of chaos and confusion.

On one of my walks with Bob Bowles, before social distancing became the norm, Bob said to me “Nature is a teacher and a healer” (2020). The natural outdoor space, the wildlife and the birds are teaching and helping us to heal.

Till next time....

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