Snowshoeing - A Winter Wonder

It is a 'wonder' that over 4000 years ago snowshoes were developed in Central Asia. Back in the day their primary purpose was to assist with easier traveling and hunting for food when the ground was covered with snow. The first design was modeled after the tracks of animals such as the snowshoe hare. (See previous Blog; Winter White Wonders) Over the years, snowshoe designs have evolved from pieces of leather attached to wooden blocks to feather-lite aluminum tubing and nylon decking, including cleats on the bottom of the snowshow to assist with icy surfaces. There have been many styles of snowshoes built by aboriginals to help with varying and diverse terrains such as thick woods, mountainous terrain, deep powdered snow, rolling terrain and wide open spaces.

Snowshoes work by distributing our weight over a larger surface area so that our feet do not sink completely into the snow. Today many people are snowshoeing as an outdoor, recreational activity. It's a great way to be in nature and allows access into places that we generally wouldn't be able to navigate.

The photos below are of my friend, Kerstin Kramer, ( me and Charlie, our 4 legged family member, snowshoeing this past weekend. It was Kerstin's first time snowshoeing. As you can see by our smiles, we had a great time being outdoors in the beautiful sunshine, engaging in a Winter Wonder activity.

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