"Light Your Own Fire" Workshop - Fall 2019

Updated: Jul 2

It was a beautiful autumn day for our afternoon workshop, Light Your Own Fire. We invited friends and family to reignite a bond with nature, take a trailblazing step off the beaten path and learn to Light Your Own Fire. Fire ---One of the magical elements on Earth!

Our workshop was led by James Morrison. James has studied at the Tracker School in New Jersey and the Wilderness Awareness School near Duvall, Washington State. James loves to pass on, through storytelling and practical hands-on experience, 'the Wonder-full mysteries of the natural world'.

James came prepared with all the tools required for the participates to learn how to start a fire using only a bow drill, an ancient, nearly forgotten survival skill. The bow drill kit included the fireboard, the spindle, the handhold and the bow. With instructions from James, the group learned how to work with these items. Consistency, mixed with a lot of effort and patience and voila! the participants began to 'master' the bow drill friction fire. "Master' may be pushing it a bit but everyone had a great time learning this ancient survival skill.

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