Healing - Immersion in the Great Outdoors

What does it mean when we truly heal ourselves? There are many resources available to assist us, from how to books, videos, various healing modalities, church activities, meditations, yoga, exercise, support groups, conferences, the list goes on. Reflecting back on my healing journey I see how I have used several of these resources and have experienced the therapeutic and healing effects of my efforts. My personal journey with healing calls me into the world of learning, continually asking me to grow and enhance my knowledge of "know thyself", to encourage an ever-expansive relationship with myself. The idea of healing for me is to deepen and evolve, not just as a Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner, but as a human being living a soulful life in grace and passion.

As a child I didn't participate in hiking, camping, canoeing, or spending a lot of time outdoors. But as the years have past I have begun to 'immerse myself in the great outdoors' and I now recognize 'Nature's calling'. I love hiking in the woods, up a mountain trail or walking along a sea shore. I love the signs and sightings of wildlife and learning about plants and trees. Being in nature gives me a sense of belonging. It keeps me in the Now! ever present! These experiences and feelings connect me with a beauty and magical form of unity. It brings clarity into my life on all levels.

Connecting, passively, in nature offers medicinal and restorative powers. Each season has a beauty apparent to anyone who takes the time to perceive it. Contact with nature can lessen depression, invite us to experience a calmness within and quiets the chattering mind, resulting in an inner stillness. Immersing oneself in nature opens the door for healing to enter, so that we can actually help ourselves and others on our earth journey. It's our choice whether we walk through that open door and immerse ourselves in the Great Outdoors.

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