Dear Friends of Green Events and Programs,

In response to COVID-19 we are taking the following actions for the next few weeks. This time frame may be extended if declared necessary by health and government officials.

Our weekday and weekend programs will be temporarily suspended. All individuals and groups that have booked events with us will be offered a full refund or have their deposits credited to a future date.

Our office will not be open to the public but we can be reached by email, text or phone.

An outdoor activity may be the best therapy for those who are isolated, so we are offering our property to walk and connect with nature. Please email or call to confirm one of our staff is available and to ensure you and your family will have the property to yourselves.

Here are some things you can do to stay well during these challenging times:

Get some good time outdoors every day to activate Vitamin D and feel the health benefits of being in nature.

Wash your hands often and don't touch your face.

Add more Zinc in your diet. You can get this mineral in chickpeas, lentils, oatmeal, almonds, cashews. Zinc helps to regulate and support a healthy immune system.

Add garlic, parsley, thyme, sage and ginger to your food. These are great immune boosters.

Drink lots of water and gargle with warm salt twice a day.

No hugs, unfortunately.

Touch base with our elders and ensure they are Okay and assist them with any errands they may not be able to do themselves.

We need to be supportive of each other, take deep breaths, in and out through the nostrils to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and allow the calming effects to affect our bodies. We must remain calm to get through these trying times. Necessary and positive changes are going to occur as a result of this chaos.

Sending love and healing energy to all. We will keep you updated and continue to communicate as things progress.

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