Butterfly and Dragonfly Count Challenge

Are you interested in learning about and helping to save our butterflies and dragonflies. Come and join the count challenge held each year. A great way to be in nature and observe beautiful wildlife.

Bob Bowles, an award winning writer, artist, photographer and naturalist, has been organizing and managing the Carden Alvar official July count for butterflies and dragonflies since 1997. The Carden Alvar is located east of Orillia, Ontario and was designated a Provincial Park in 2014. All sightings and information gathered by volunteers over the 2 day count is recorded and findings are sent to official count reporting centers. The Nature Conservancy of Canada has been working with Bob in recent years but decided not to be involved this year due to work restrictions due to COVID-19..

Therefore, Bob had to get creative and came up with a plan to continue the count, safely for everyone involved. "I think it would be great if participants could go out on their own or in small numbers to learn, identify and record the many species we observe in this area. They can spend as many hours as they feel during the count day to enjoy this great area. This event is held over two days with dragonflies on July 23rd and butterflies on July 24th."

Kids For Turtles Environmental Education will be coordinating and recording the results under this new format. Bob Bowles will be donating a beautiful trophy with a butterfly and dragonfly on this large bowl or cup and calling it the Bowles Biodiversity Bowl. Bragging rights and prizes will be awarded for the first and second place individual/teams!

You can visit https://www.kidsforturtles.com/bdcount/ to get more information and to register for the event.

We are offering tent camping, with social distancing protocols in effect, for Thursday night, July 23 for anyone wanting to participate both days. We are located within the count circle so you won't have far to go. We plan on having a moth observation evening, along with croquet, horseshoes, golf and camp fire (depending on fire ban regulations).

Call or email 249-385-6834 - greeneventsandprograms@gmail.com to book your camp spot and register at BUTTERFLY & DRAGONFLY COUNT CHALLENGE | Kids For Turtles Environmental Education for this great annual event.

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