An Intention of Hope

As the Holiday season falls behind us and the depth of our winter is upon us, it is sometimes difficult to remember how we are truly fortunate. Whether we are experiencing challenges, adversity, triumphs or hardships we live in this beautiful region of the world that for the most part is safe and secure. I think about the years of drought that parts of Australia has experienced and how these conditions have exacerbated the fires burning across the country, causing death and destruction to communities, livestock, wildlife, bushland and forests. The fires still burn, some uncontrollably and the rains are needed urgently. Canada has sent a contingent of firefighters and support staff to help with a variety of tasks including operations, command, logistics, fire fighting and aviation. We Hope our assistance helps and is enough....

But amid the horrific devastation, there are Australians who have Hope that their lives, the landscape and wildlife will recover and the rejuvenation process will begin. Humans are resilient and hidden strengths surface in the face of challenges and adversity. The ecological impact of what is happening in Australia and throughout the world is overwhelming but we must find a way forward. We cannot shy away from our current reality but instead stay present with all possible interactions of terror, rage, anger, joy and Hope. Let's not lose Hope! I think the time is now to create a worldwide, collective intention of Hope surrounded in a huge, spacious field of Love! for Australia and all sentient life forms.


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