A State of Gratitude

We posted a short film about Gratitude on our Facebook page last week and we were amazed at the comments and sharing of this wonderful film. We have linked it below for those of you who have not yet had a chance to watch this heartfelt film. We thought we would share some of our feelings and thoughts regarding Gratitude.

There are days when everything seems like an uphill challenge and struggle. This is a great time to make a conscious decision to notice and acknowledge how the struggle makes us feel. This process of recognition and acceptance helps us to move through our perceptions of struggle and observe the abundance that already exists in our lives. This is one way to lead us to feelings of gratitude. Sometimes this is easier said than done!

Living with gratitude is a state of being. But to get there we need to take steps in feeling gratitude in our bodies and being able to express the feeling. Gratitude is a skill and needs to be practiced and honed so that it becomes second nature. It's teaching and disciplining our minds to shift from what we think our lives lack... to the abundance that already is present. It's a powerful practice to recognize and appreciate others and ourselves. If we could live from a place of, 'I have a debt of gratitude for the love, care, support and wisdom for all that is,' we would begin to cultivate a happier life, stronger and more loving relationships, improved health, emotional well-being and reduce our stress levels.

For me, living with gratitude has meant committing and promising that I continue to deepen my relationship with self, experience joy and happiness, and appreciate all that is. I need to become aware of my unconscious, disabling thought processes. Knowing and becoming aware gives me a choice to be able to shift my focus from these negative and challenging thought processes to thoughts of abundance and all that I have, leading to feelings of appreciation and gratefulness. I can also focus on the small stuff, like 'I am so grateful for my cup of tea this morning'. I don't have to wait for big events to occur in my life to be grateful.

Living with and being in a state of gratitude is an attainable goal. It's important to tell someone daily how grateful we are they are in our lives. We need to close our eyes and Be Still and be thankful for what is. Let's fill our hearts with gratitude so that it spills over and is expressed in actions and words, touching and healing others.

Connecting and appreciating the beauty of nature fills me with gratitude. I am grateful for the 'borrowed land' at Green Events and Programs. Nature is at my doorstep. And Smiling a lot - that will help too!

Here is a beautiful quote from Melody Beattie,

an American author of self-help books.


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