Art & Nature

Art Worshops

Instructors, we offer an outdoor or indoor setting for your class.  Your students have the opportunity to expand their artistic knowledge and skills.  The acreage consists of forest, apple orchards and a pond.  Wonderful scenery to paint on canvas.  The workshop can be a half or full day.  We can also facilitate art camps for kids, 1 and 2 day programs.   We offer tent camping for overnight accommodations.  Whether it’s a workshop for seasoned artists or for the beginner, Green Events is a great location to teach and work with paints, brushes and canvas.


Green Events is a great place for Photography Clubs to gather for workshops and field trips.  Hobbyists and amateurs have a place to practice, talk about the latest gear, swap tips and techniques, and share images and stories.  Groups arrive mid-morning, shoot for a couple of hours and then convene for lunch to socialize and talk shop.  This is the place to share, learn and develop photographic skills in an environment that is supportive.



Green Events is a perfect environment to support writers.  We are located in a rural area, offering remoteness, quiet and lots of wildlife.
Instructors, let us host your one day workshop in a place where your students get the opportunity to learn tips from you and their fellow writers and discuss issues of craft.  Participants will also benefit from quiet, undisturbed time to write, a place where they can take a break and walk in nature.   Maybe come back to their pens inspired to write.  Writers get a chance to get advice from more experienced writers or can mentor those will less experience.  Green Events is the place to network and connect with fellow writers.


This is the place for outdoor playing, dancing and rock and roll.  This venue is offered to people who want to gather and listen to some great folk, rock, country, bluegrass, jazz and everything in between.  It’s a place with a small community vibe, private and remote.    If you’re looking for a location to organize a gathering and you want live music, this is the place. Musicians, you can rent our land for your outdoor shows.